Conduct & Discipline

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  • Utmost importance is given to the maintenance of discipline , punctuality, regularity, hard work and good behavior during the period of training.
  • Students shall obey the order of Principal, either special or customary.
  • Change in either the local or permanent address of a student be immediately informed to the college office.
  • Students are expected to see the “ NOTICE BOARD”. Daily and keep themselves informed of the various notices that may be put up from time to time.
  • Students should note that he/she is responsible to authority of the college not only for his /her conduct in the premises of the college but also outside for his / her general behavior.
  • Students are liable to immediate expulsion and rustication for behaving in a manner which in the opinion of the college authorities is subversive to discipline or for any grave misconduct . The decision of the college authorities in all these matters shall be final.
  • Candidates expelled from the college will not be readmitted.
  • College material and equipment must be handled carefully.